Precision Sculpted, 100% CNC-Milled

Rullo 016 Blade


- Iconic heel-toe weighted blade design
- CNC-machined head/neck from a single billet of 303 stainless steel
- Soft, solid roll & deft sound & touch feedback


The Rullo 016 Blade, our latest putter model, is completely – from heel to toe to plumber's neck – precision CNC-machined from a solid block of 303 stainless steel. The result is a beautiful, finely detailed, balanced putter head that when crafted to your optimal fit, will have you holing more putts to lower your score.

This model features a milled sight line in its flange cavity floor for accurate alignment and a deep, double-path CNC-machined pattern across the putter face that delivers a soft ball-strike response. The one-piece steel block head also means there are zero welds (often the neck is a separately attached piece) to impede the direct transfer of feel to your hands. This facilitates pure feedback and enhances your distance control.


Rullo 016

  • Natural stainless steel color with optional heat stain finishes
  • Single-block 100% CNC-milled head/neck provides exceptional feel
  • Soft face response via deep, double-path CNC-machined face pattern enhances ball speed management
  • Club personalization included
  • Jeffmont "Fit for a Lifetime" Guarantee
  • From our online shop we’re able to fit and craft a putter perfectly tailored for you.

This putter has been CNC-milled with extreme exactness to final tolerances of .001”. 303 stainless steel is the chosen material based on its corrosion resistance, soft feel, and superior machinability.

Rullo 016 includes our stitched-back, smooth leather pistol grip in either black or white and padded headcover with logo. Other grip types are also offered. You can further personalize your putter with your initials stamped on the neck and choice of paintfill color. For a truly unique look, optional heat stain finished heads are also available.

To play your best your clubs must fit your body. From our online shop we’re able to fit and craft a putter perfectly tailored for you. Information you provide us during the ordering process lets us calculate your optimal putter fit specifications to then craft your one-of-a-kind model. If you're not yet ready to buy, but would like to know your fit size, we offer a complimentary JDFS fitting.


Putter Fitting, Grip Options, Personalization & Heat Staining


Fitting: Your optimal putter custom fit – shaft length and lie angle, loft, grip size, and more – is calculated from our JDFS Algorithm and your responses to evaluation questions regarding the state of your game. If you're able to visit us in person, a session on our indoor putting green using our laser alignment system also contributes. We then custom craft your Rullo putter to match your fit, add your ideal grip, and include your own personal ID.


Grip: Our stitched-back, smooth leather pistol grip with Jeffmont logo in your choice of black or white is included. Available options should you prefer a rubber grip include an oversize, midsize or classic size style.

Rullo milled putter grip: Our stitched-back, smooth leather pistol grip with Jeffmont logo in your choice of black or white is included.


Personalize: Make it your putter. Add your stamped initials (up to three letters) on the flange side of the neck and choice of paintfill color – black, blue, gold, green, orange, red, white or yellow.

Rullo 016 milled putter with stamped initials personalization.


Heat Staining: Change the color of your new putter to your choice of golden yellow, bronze or blue purple.

Rullo 016 milled putter can be heat stained to golden yellow, bronze or blue purple.

Rullo Putters – Custom Crafting Specifications and Pricing

Modifications to a Rullo 016 model putter head include: 3° of loft ±1°, 70° lie angle ±2°, and shaft length from 30"-39" in ½” increments. The optimal adjustments to these specs and recommended grip type are all custom crafted for you. Selection of an optional heat-stained color, the included personalization, and head cover will finalize your new Rullo putter.