Let us fit you and recommend your ideal club or set of clubs. If you're not quite sure how to start or what to order, or most importantly, you don't know your golf club size, let us assist you.

One of our central tenets is that to play your best golf, your clubs must fit your body. While there are so many approaches to club fitting, virtually all of them will base their fitting on your swing. We don't agree with this technique. Instead, we strongly believe that our system – fitting to your unique body measurements – is absolutely the best method to fit. And we can do that for you in-person at our shop or remotely from our "Get Your Fit" page on our website.

Thank you for your interest in our RedBird and Avian clubs. We're here to assist to determine your optimal club fit size, recommend an ideal model and set makeup, configure the clubs into an order, and provide you with a secure single-click purchase for you to make from our private store.

Please note that our Shopping Concierge service is complimentary and there is absolutely no obligation should you decide to hold off your purchase. At a minimum you'll know your club size and ideal set configuration.

Here are the three easy steps:

  1. Contact us at conciergeservice@jeffmont.com to let us know that you'd like to use our Concierge Service. We'll be notified of your interest and will send you an email to either: Set up a fitting session at our shop if you live in or will be visiting the Greater Seattle area; or, we'll include a link to our "Get Your Fit" evaluation.
  2. Once you complete our in-shop fitting or your online Get Your Fit evaluation, we'll send you an email that provides you with your optimal club fit size and club recommendation including set model and makeup, club order configuration, and pricing.
  3. Upon your review, if you decide that you'd like to proceed with your purchase, just let us know and we'll create your specific club order and details in our private store and send you the link and password for you to access, review, and make payment.

Below here is a brief representation of what to expect.