The intersections of traditional and modern design, craftsmanship, technology, and service.


For more than 30 years Jeffmont, led by founder Jay Turner, has been the leader in providing golfers of all skill levels with tailored sets of the finest clubs, optimally fitted for performance, handcrafted to exacting standards, and guaranteed to serve for a lifetime. Jay is a premier club designer, inventor of our patented fitting algorithm, and master builder behind each ordered set. Read "Our Story"

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Distinctive, classic designs using modern technology and materials.


Precise fitting done in our shop or remotely with our patented Dimensional Fitting System Algorithm.

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Based on your fit, each club custom crafted-to-spec. Photo: company founder Jay Turner.


Clubs That Look, Feel, and Fit Perfect and Perform Flawlessly

Classic golf club design.

With our clubs, you'll experience how an optimal fit facilitates a balanced and powerful swing. Since 1985, we’ve provided our clients with more than 35,000 sets of custom fitted golf clubs designed and crafted to the highest standards of precision and quality, and backed by our lifetime guarantee. 

From persimmon wood to exotic metals, traditional driver design is always present.

Design  Our distinctive clubhead designs invoke the contours and lines of the best traditional models from the 1960s/1970s (a golden era in club making). When combined with the advantage of today’s leading-edge materials and manufacturing processes, the results are clubs that look, feel, and fit perfect and perform flawlessly.

Fitting  We custom fit an individual player to his/her body dimensions, performance, and goals using our Jeffmont Dimensional Fitting System Algorithm to calculate the optimal club specifications.

Once fitted, clubs are then meticulously crafted to the exact designation for the client.

Traditional, classic, old-school flavor is always present.

Craftsmanship  Our experienced craftsmen hand-build each set of clubs to match the client’s optimal combination of clubhead model, shaft length, material, and flex, club lie angle, loft angle, grip size, and weight. Irons for example are built as a single custom set, with each clubhead hand-ground if needed to precise weight tolerances and integrated with shafts and grips of uniform weights. This ensures proper incremental total weight spacing and swing weight without the use of lead. This same rigorous approach is applied to every club we make.

Each club is fitted and crafted just for you. And if something were to happen to a club during the normal course of play, just get it back to us and we'll make sure it's playing up to its original specs in no time. That's the old-school service commitment you can expect from us.

Clubs That Provide a Lifetime of Service

You should fully expect your Jeffmont golf clubs to deliver many, many years of enjoyable play. We're here to make sure of that, which is why our clubs are covered by a lifetime guarantee that provides for warranty repair or replacement in the case of defective workmanship and/or materials. Our guarantee is to properly fit you, so any future club lie and loft adjustments are provided free of charge. Complete club repair services are also available should your clubs require work outside the scope of our warranty. For any warranty and/or repair issues, please contact us for service.