1. How does your RedBird and Avian golf equipment differ from other “Major” club manufacturers?

The Jeffmont approach begins one golfer at a time. Our RedBird and Avian clubs are crafted to fit an individual golfer only after his or her specifications and needs have been determined. Jeffmont crafts clubs to fit each unique golfer one set at a time. 

Major manufacturers mass-produce thousands of sets of clubs without knowing who is going to buy their clubs. But, properly fitted golf clubs undoubtedly function better. 

2. How do I schedule a fitting appointment with you in Seattle? 

To schedule an appointment at our Jeffmont Fitting Lab, just call us at 206.725.7872, or you can email us at: customfit@jeffmont.com.

3. How long does a Jeffmont Dimensional Fitting System fitting session take?

Our JDFS fitting sessions generally run between 45 minutes to 1 hour for a full set of clubs.

4. How much does a fitting session cost?

Fitting sessions that include the purchase of either our RedBird or Avian golf clubs are free of charge. If you're interested in fitting for an existing set you have, the charges are: Iron Set, $125; Wedge Set, $95; Driver, $125; Fairway Metals/Hybrids, $95; and, Putter, $60. We also do retrofitting to adjust your set to our recommended fit size if you decide to do this after your fitting session.

5. What does a fitting session consist of?

We begin the process with an interview, which is designed to help us get to know you as a golfer. We assess your current performance level, golf related goals, frequency of play and practice, lesson plans, and physical condition.

We then take your physical measurements using our JDFS Algorithm to determine your optimal club shaft length and lie angle. Grip size is fitted next.

Then, your fitting proceeds to a ball striking session on our TrackMan 4 installation. Here we'll review your swing parameters for club path and face angle to swing direction and spin loft, and your full ball flight – from launch to landing and everything in between, including launch angle, spin rate, and curvature.

Once the ball striking session has been completed we proceed to a discussion of your recommended set makeup that is based on the data we have compiled from our JDFS Algorithm, your interview, and your TrackMan session. 

6. I’d like to be custom-fitted for RedBird or Avian clubs, but I live in Florida. I know about your JDFS Algorithm online evaluation tool, but if I just use this tool, will you be able to determine my optimal specifications with the same accuracy?

Yes, our custom fitting algorithm was developed based on us fitting thousands of golfers – many remotely – each with their unique physical dimensions, performance level, and golfing goals. While nothing beats a face-to-face fitting, we’re confident that the JDFS Algorithm will result in the optimal fit for you. And if for some reason you aren’t fully satisfied, per our Lifetime Guarantee, we can work on the set until you are.

You can also be fitted and order at the same time from our online store. It works like this: when you order for example a set of Avian 530 irons, after you click "Add to Cart" a form will appear for submitting your fitting measurements and specifying your personalization requests like grip and ferrule color and stamping info. Once we receive this form with your order, we're able to calculate your fit and craft your set accordingly. If you've done a JDFS fit and know your fit size (a number from 94-116), you can select the "Fit & Ready" product in the online shop, which is a more convenient way for you to get us your fitting info while you order.

7. How long does it take to get my new custom fitted and crafted RedBird or Avian clubs?

Typically your clubs will be ready within 4-5 business days of order placement. Shipping time within the U.S. is from 1-3 business days depending on your ship destination from our Seattle location. Here is Ordering and Shipping Lead-time info for both U.S. and International orders.  

8. Can I bring in my RedBird or Avian irons to have their loft and/or lie angles adjusted?

Yes, loft and lie angle adjustments on RedBird or Avian irons you have purchased are performed free-of-charge at our Seattle facility. Please call ahead to set an appointment, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

9. Do you adjust loft and/or lie angles for other brands of clubs?

Yes, we offer complete retrofitting services for most brands. Please call us or stop by our shop and we’ll be happy to advise you.

10. How do I arrange to have my RedBird or Avian club repaired or replaced?

Please bring or ship your RedBird or Avian club(s) to our Seattle facility. Call ahead to set an appointment, or you can email us at: clientservice@jeffmont.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

11. How do I get my clubs regripped?

Please bring your clubs by our Seattle facility we’ll be happy to work on this. Regripping turnaround time is typically 24 hours or less.

12. Do you offer other repair services?

Yes, we offer complete fitting, regripping, reshafting, loft and lie angle adjustments, some refinishing and custom grinding operations. Just stop by, call or email us at: clientservice@jeffmont.com, and we’ll be happy to advise you.

13. Does Jeffmont fit or repair other brands?

Yes, we offer repair and fitting services for most brands, including retrofitting – based on your JDFS fit, taking your existing set and extending or shortening the shaft(s) and adjusting the lie angle(s) to match your optimal fit. Please stop by or call our facility. We’ll be happy to advise you.