Thanks to all Jeffmont Fans for your great support!

Below are just some of the photos and comments / testimonials you've shared with us. We'll continue to post more as they come in.

Our (physical) Fan Wall...

Our (physical) Fan Wall...


Evan Kawai, Honolulu, HI
"I’m a junior golfer and love my 725 RedBird irons. I use them in my home state of Hawaii and also had the chance to use them at 'The Haig' at PGA National in Palm Beach, FL, and Forest Akers in Lansing, MI. I've tried several different brands of clubs while making the transition from junior irons to a regular iron set. RedBirds are the perfect set for juniors who are ready to make this transition. Jay and his crew took their time to measure and fit me with the right set of clubs. After being fitted, they did a quick turnaround and had the clubs delivered to me in time for that first birdie!"

Greg Howard, Gold Bar, WA
"I played a set of the RedBird earlier model clubs (RB 880), and loved them for 20+ years. Then I decided to go see Jay and get fitted for a new set of 965's and could not be happier. I have spent many hours hitting balls and playing since, and these clubs are unbelievable. I immediately started to hit longer and more accurate shots. Properly fitted clubs and the new technology were the perfect path to lower scores for ME. I am a RedBird Fan for life. Thanks again Jay, You are the Man!"


Dale Ellis, NBA Legend, Marietta, GA
"I have been an avid golfer for many years and have tried a lot of different golf clubs. After meeting Jay and playing with custom built RedBirds, I improved from an 18 handicap down to a 9 within six months. The Avian fairway metals and 725 irons are not only admired by my golfing friends due to their distinct look and design, but also because of the way the ball flies off the club with a lot of distance and great control. Thanks Jay, I love the new clubs...Dale."

Kathy Provazek, Mercer Island, WA
"I purchased a set of custom RedBird irons a year ago when my Callaway clubs no longer fit my swing. I wanted a set of irons with good shafts that would give me better control on approach shots into the greens. I was referred to Jay Turner by my coach for a club fitting. Jay took a lot of time to put together a set of irons for me that have really made a difference on my approach shots. It makes such a difference when you have clubs that are specially custom tailored just for you. Once you’ve tried a set of RedBird clubs you won’t want to use anything else!"



Dave Hundley, Seattle, WA
"After playing Hogan, then Cleveland blades for 10 years, I've been extremely happy with my RedBird clubs. My custom fit 880 irons are solid, versatile and a little more forgiving than blades. After experimenting with the new RedBird 725's, I decided to upgrade. I've been a RedBird customer for 20 years and I couldn't be happier with the clubs and the service. Thanks, Jay."

Jeff Ross, Mercer Island, WA
"I’ve played golf for 25 years using off-the -rack clubs. In 2010 I treated myself to custom-fitted RedBird irons and woods. My game improved all season and my confidence in my clubs never faltered. Thank you, Jay."


Matt Mason, Seattle, WA
"I’ve been playing Redbirds for nearly two decades. As a weekend golfer who really enjoys the game, Redbird helps me play to the best of my ability. After putting the 525’s in my bag, my handicap went from 13 to 9! Thanks Jay for fitting me with the right clubs and shafts for my swing!"

Dave Henderson "Hendu #42", Bellevue, WA
"My RedBird custom fitted clubs have helped me become a better golfer. Thanks Redbird! Bombs away..."


John Heard, Bellevue, WA
"After hearing from my Dad about how good RedBird clubs were, I decided to check them out. I was in the process of purchasing new clubs and I had tried all the major brands. Jay Turner took the time to explain to me all about the golf industry and how RedBird designs and manufactures their clubs to exacting standards. I went through the custom fitting process andpurchased the RB-1's. I have to say these are by far the best irons I have ever hit. I gave my Pings away after I got RedBirds and I have never looked back. The clubs continue to amaze me to this day. If I make a good swing, the clubs always come through for me 100% of the time. In fact, they often surpass my expectations with the spin and forgiveness they offer. Unlike other brands I have played I don't get different results with different clubs or have certain irons that just don't feel right. I researched the entire golf market inside and out. In my opinion (& research) there is not a better brand of golf equipment on the market. My handicap has dropped to a single digit since I purchase my RedBirds. They have allowed me to concentrate on making a good swing versus searching for equipment to fix my problem. I feel fortunate to have learned about RedBird and I will be a lifelong customer."

Bill Sferro, Gainesville, VA
"My RedBird 725 irons were the key ingredient in lowering my index 2 strokes. I am now more consistent with these reliable clubs and experience fewer miss hits as a result. Proud to be a club carrying RedBird."


Kent Potts, Sun City, AZ
"Thanks for your attention to every detail on the new irons, the highest quality and so beautiful. Played them in the U.S. Open Qualifier 2010. The irons were so solid, they gave me the confidence to attempt any shot. I played well enough to qualify, but my putting had me fall short. I will work on the short stick and be ready to try again in 2011."



"Dear Jay, 
Thanks for building the great 'sticks' for me! They are as good as anything I have ever played."

Rick Fehr, PGA Tour Two-Time Winner

"Dear Jay, 
Can't thank you enough for the new RedBird clubs. Picked them up at 10:30am Friday and played Everett CC at 12:30pm. I have been playing Callaways and I like yours better. Best to you and your guys. They were great to work with. Sincerely, Don James"

Letter from Don James, Former Coach, University of Washington Huskies

"RedBird clubs lack the tinny feel... They're certainly as good as anything you can buy. It's just a good quality company. They're a real solid golf club with a real consistent feel."

Scott Williams, Instructor at Redmond Golf Center and 1993 Washington Open Runner-Up, quoted in Seattle Post Intelligencer


"As a Life Member of the PGA of America I thought I had seen the best clubs on the market. Then I came upon RedBird Sports. RedBird has developed a fitting system for custom clubs that is simple and takes in all aspects of the player's physical and playing abilities. The golf clubs deliver tremendous results as well as feel and positive feedback on contact with the ball. I recommend RedBird to all of my fellow PGA Professionals and more importantly to every student I work with." 

Gary Owens, PGA Life Member/Customer Care

"Hi Jay,
Just a quick note of thanks. I LOVE playing your clubs. You and your staff helped push my game ahead by NOT recommending that I adjust the lie angle to accommodate my (formerly!) faulty swing, thereby encouraging the development of my well grooved RedBird swing. When I tee it up on my celebrity golf tourney appearances, people say 'Wow, RedBirds – you must be a 'player!' I have gone from a 40 stroke handicap to playing rounds in the high 80's, thanks to your sticks!"

Michael Powers, World Renown Jazz Guitarist, Composer, Recording Artist

On Jeffmont's fitting process: "We want a player who's dedicated to becoming a better player. We won't accommodate a swing flaw with something that's 7 or 8 degrees upright. We're for somebody who's serious about his/[her] game."

Chris Quinn, Golf Professional at Norwalk, Conn. Golf Training Center, quoted in Golf Shop Operations, A Golf Digest Publication


Other Jeffmont custom fit clients include...


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Rick Fehr 

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Jerramy Hainline
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Pete Dixon
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Anthony Blair 

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Michael Powers-World renown Jazz Guitarist, Composer, Recording Artist