Avian 530 Series Irons


- Elite player model – handsome, compact forged cavity back blade designed for ultimate shotmaking control
- CNC-machined face & grooves provide the most precise surface for ballstriking consistency
- CNC-machined back cavity with key weight mass placement optimizes energy transfer and flight & distance predictability


The Avian 530 is our elite player iron. A modern take on the classic blade with its clean flowing lines, it features a non-offset, compact muscle cavity back with enhanced CG for a touch of forgiveness. Each element in the 530 design contributes to deliver the ultimate consistency in feel, trajectory, and distance.

Sculpted from soft, yet dense S25C carbon steel, forged blanks for each 530 clubhead are precision CNC-machined across the face and cavity back.

Precise loft and grooves of the 530 facilitate the best ballstriking consistency. The face is CNC-milled perfectly flat for exact loft across the entire surface (no concave face hot spots and the feared “jumper”), while the milled grooves conform to USGA volume, spacing, and edge sharpness standards for the maximum allowable backspin.

The 530 back cavity is also 100% CNC machined and features our unique weight mass placement and impact pad. This design optimizes energy transfer and moves CG to the face center for enhanced and predictable shot trajectory and distance control.

This iron set is available in 3-PW and with a matching forged cavity back utility wedge.

A modern take on the classic blade iron, the forged 530 has a unique weight distribution muscle cavity with impact pad. The back is 100% CNC-machined.
530 iron face & grooves are CNC-milled for the most uniform, flat face surface possible for the best ball-striking consistency.

Avian 530

  • Handsome, compact muscle cavity back clubhead
  • Forged from soft S25C carbon steel
  • CNC-machined back and face & grooves
  • Great feel, maneuverability, and consistency
  • Club personalization included
  • Jeffmont "Fit for a Lifetime" Guarantee
  • From our online shop we’re able to fit and craft a set perfectly tailored for you.

To play your best your clubs must fit your body. From our online shop we’re able to fit and craft a set perfectly tailored for you. Information you provide us during the ordering process lets us calculate your optimal fit. Then we select from our wide range of premium club building options to craft a new set of clubs that meets exactly with your unique fit size and performance requirements. You can also personalize your set with our color-matched grips and ferrules and even have your initials stamped on each clubhead. If you're not yet ready to buy, but would like to know your fit size, we offer a complimentary JDFS fitting.

If you're looking to add a 3-wedge set, consider our trio – Utility, Sand, Lob – of Avian classic forged, muscle back wedges. They feature a traditional blade shape and are a great complement to the 530 irons.


Shafts, Grips & Personalization – 530 Series & Avian Wedges

Properly matching the shaft to a player's ability is extremely important as it stores the energy generated during the swing. When the shaft has been properly fitted it works for you to maximize control and distance, while the wrong shaft will result in the loss of both yardage and accuracy. We offer a shaft selection of the latest in graphite and steel technologies in different patterns and flexes so we can tailor the right fit for you.

Grips also play an important role for you to properly control a golf club. The right grip provides comfort and control throughout the swing and improves your ability to return the club to the proper position at impact. We'll install your best option from our range of grip sizes and materials.

Shafts and Grips: Your optimal custom fit – club length and lie angle, grip size, shaft type and flex, clubhead type, and more – is calculated from our JDFS Algorithm and your responses to evaluation questions regarding the state of your game. If you're able to visit us in person, a session on our TrackMan 4 also contributes. We'll then custom craft your clubs by drawing on our selection of shafts and grips from premium manufacturers.


Graphite and Steel Shafts: For graphite shafts we offer leading models from Aerotech, Aldila, and Fujikura, and for steel shafts, the latest products from FST, KBS, Nippon, Shimada, and True Temper.



Grips: Pure is our featured brand. Golf Pride, Iomic, and Lamkin are other top brands of grips we offer.


Personalize: Make it your set. Choose from our curated, color-matched grips and ferrules and add your stamped initials on each clubhead.

Curated, color-matched grips and ferrules for Jeffmont RedBird and Avian golf clubs.
A personalized set of Avian 530 irons with color-matched grips and ferrules and stamped initials.
Personalization of an Avian wedge with stamping of initials.
A personalized set of Avian 530 irons, Avian wedges, and Rullo putter.


530 Irons – Custom Specifications & Pricing

Avian 530 irons custom specifications and pricing.