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It's about enabling each person to play their very best golf. With distinctively-designed clubs. Precisely fitted. Crafted-to-spec just for you. Proudly based in Seattle since 1985.


Product Spotlight


RedBird 5512 Sand Wedge

The perfect complement to your 725 Series irons!

  • Forged traditional blade shape with milled face and grooves – provides the most uniform face surface available and maximum allowable backspin.
  • Medium width, multi-radiused sole and moderate bounce for enhanced playability from all lies.
  • Custom fitting, handcrafting, and lifetime guarantee included.
  • Personalize with color-matched grip & ferrule. Custom grinding available on request.
  • $150, visit our location or buy online.


Are your clubs performing well? Do they fit you? Let us help.

If your clubs aren’t performing, it's likely they don’t fit you well. Find out if your clubs are the right fit. Get our complimentary fitting recommendation that includes your ideal shaft length, lie angle, and grip size for your driver and 6-iron. Compare our results with what you have. If there’s a difference, we’re sure that we can help you play better golf.

The Jeffmont Approach

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Provide you with the world’s finest designed, fitted, and crafted golf clubs to improve your game.

  1. It starts with you — your unique body dimensions, performance, and goals.
  2. Your fit recommendation, which we can provide remotely, specifies your ideal size and set makeup selected from our club design lineup.
  3. With your fit in hand, your clubs are then flawlessly handcrafted to our exacting standards, ready to serve for a lifetime of better golf.


The Intersections of Traditional & Modern Design, Craftsmanship, Technology & Service 

For more than 30 years Jeffmont, led by founder Jay Turner, has been the leader in providing golfers of all skill levels with tailored sets of the finest clubs, optimally fitted for performance, handcrafted to exacting standards, and guaranteed to serve for a lifetime. Jay is a premier club designer, inventor of our patented fitting algorithm, and master builder who personally crafts each ordered set. Read "Our Story"

RedBird and Avian: Classic design using modern technology and materials.

Distinctive, classic designs using modern technology and materials.

Jeffmont provides precise club fitting with our patented Dimensional Fitting System algorithm.

Precise fitting done in our shop or remotely with our patented Dimensional Fitting System Algorithm.

All Jeffmont RedBird and Avian golf clubs are custom built-to-spec based on your fit.

Based on your fit, each club custom crafted-to-spec personally by company founder, Jay Turner.


Learn more about our fitting philosophy, fitting algorithm, and our RedBird and Avian clubs.



Your clubs should fit your body and its natural swing, not the other way around. Learn about our fitting algorithm.

Get Your Fit

Send us your data and discover your optimal club fit. Get your perfect fit size!

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Three plus decades of hands-on design and crafting are positively reflected in our clubs. See what we're talking about.