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It's about enabling each person to play their very best. With well-designed clubs. Precisely fitted. Crafted-to-spec just for you. Proudly based in Seattle since 1985.


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You've known us as "RedBird Sports" since 1985 when we started up on Beacon Hill. In Fall 2015 we made plans to increase our business scope with an expanded product lineup and more services, and along with this launch decided to change our company identity to "Jeffmont." The name Jeffmont has been our term of endearment from back in the 1970's for the Jefferson Park Golf Course, our local muni that's just down the street from our location.

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The Jeffmont Brands


The Intersections of Traditional & Modern Design, Craftsmanship, Technology & Service 

RedBird and Avian: Classic design using modern technology and materials.

Classic design using modern technology and materials.

Jeffmont provides precise club fitting with our patented Dimensional Fitting System algorithm.

Precise fitting with our patented Dimensional Fitting System Algorithm.

All Jeffmont RedBird and Avian golf clubs are custom built-to-spec based on your fit.

Custom crafted-to-spec based on your fit.

Learn more about our fitting philosophy, fitting algorithm, and our RedBird and Avian clubs.


Your clubs should fit your body and its natural swing, not the other way around. Learn about our fitting algorithm.

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Three plus decades of hands-on design and crafting are positively reflected in our clubs. See what we're talking about.

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